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Alyssa Burkus

Work with someone who understands book writing AND your business.

Have you…

Thought about writing a book for ages but never *quite* get past the idea stage?

Hesitated to work on your book because you aren’t sure if your ideas are interesting or unique enough?

Worried that your writing quality doesn’t reflect the high standard you set for yourself in your work?

You’re in good company. Let’s talk about getting your book out of your head and on the page.

Book Planning Power Up (2-hr Virtual Workshop)

At the end of our planning session, you’ll have:

  • Clear definition of your ideal reader
  • Clarity about your topic and how it fits with your business 
  • Draft book purpose, thesis statement, and possible topics
  • Outline of your table of contents
  • Writing gameplan for completing your first draft

Book Planning Power Up deliverables include:

  • Prep (for both of us)
  • 2-hr planning workshop to land purpose, audience, thesis, topics and TOC
  • Writing gameplan

Book Power Ups investment starts at $850

Coaching & Editing Support

If you need ongoing support for completing your first draft, monthly coaching support is available. 

Coaching support provides:

  • Thinking partner with knowledge in your industry as you write
  • Focused planning support to accelerate your writing work
  • Accountability for meeting writing deadlines 
  • Editing review for up to 20 new pages per month

Note: One-time developmental editing support is also available for non-fiction work. Reach out if you would like more information.

Book coaching & editing support is project-specific; reach out for more information.

Where to start?

If you’re just getting started with your book project (or writing for your platform), starting with a Power Up will give you the topic focus and writing gameplan. 

If you’ve done an outline and book proposal to identify your target reader, etc., it would make sense to start with coaching or editing. 



Want more specifics?

We’ve done some great work with incredible clients. You can see some of their stories on our Portfolio page.


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