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Alyssa Burkus

No time to write a book (yet) but you have lots to say?

Do you…

Wish you had more content on your website to increase site traffic or to share with prospects during your sales process?

Need a longer thought leadership article or whitepaper that reflects the depth of your learning and experience to stand out from your competitors? 

Want to signal new credentials or expertise ahead of the launch of a new program, offer or book?

Wish it was easier to work with content writers who really understood your industry and your work?

Need regular content for your website or newsletter but never seem to have the time to do it? Or don’t know what to say?

There’s a lot of lousy, generic content getting spit out by AI tools these days. Sharing in-depth writing that tells the story of your work and the difference it makes will hit differently with your clients.

You’ll stand out in your space, which can mean new leads, shorter sales cycles, and easier purchasing decisions for your clients. (Oh, and a lot more swagger.)

You can also take your longer article and repurpose it extensively—we’re not talking just about social media. One 3,000-word article can be remixed into 4-6 blog posts, a lead magnet, a PDF pitch for a keynote speaking opportunity, dozens of social posts … there’s no shortage of ways to maximize your investment.

There are two ways we can work together to develop thought leadership content for your business:

Long-form article writing


  • Background call to discuss scope, audience, business strategy & goals, plus content and research inputs
  • Article research, including customer calls as needed
  • Two drafts, plus professional proofreading
  • Support for final graphics layout
  • Launch call with your team for added context and repurpose/remix guideance and ideas

Content writing varies by project; reach out for a quote

Fractional content consulting & content marketing support

We’ll put an initial game plan in place (or may have already completed a full content strategy) and test the combination of activities before landing on a regular cadence of planning meetings and/or content writing support.  

Fractional support examples include:

  • Quarterly thought leadership content strategy
  • Website articles (SEO supported)
  • Speaker pages
  • Book research and/or outline
  • Lead magnet planning and creation
  • Market and/or industry research
  • Social media caption planning
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Website page refresh
  • Sales pages
  • Outlines and/or writing for weekly newsletter

Tasks can vary widely and can change month-to-month.

Fractional support varies by volume; minimum investment is $3000/month.

Want to see samples of our work?

We’ve written for some incredible people over the years. We can’t share all of our stories (the life of a ghostwriter), but we’ve got some great examples to share.


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