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Alyssa was Meg’s guest on the Social Slowdown podcast. We go deep! 

In the episode, we cover:

  • Why deeper content and thought leadership will become even more important in the age of AI
  • How to create thought leadership
  • How to build a writing habit that sticks
  • Why you should be writing even if you have “people” to write for you (metacognitive thinking benefits)
  • Other ways to repurpose content (instead of just social media)
  • Why we need more diverse voices to share their writing to counterbalance the assumed default of the white male “expert” 
  • How to step into book writing

Listen to this episode and find the transcript on Social Slowdown’s website


Alyssa Burkus

Alyssa Burkus

Alyssa Burkus is a thought leadership strategist, writer, and coach. She's the founder of Shift Wisdom, a writing agency based near Toronto, Canada where she specializes in helping business owners and corporate leaders build their authority and influence through writing.

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