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We are obsessed with consuming information. Whether staying current in our emails (the desperate inbox zero), or keeping up with our social media feeds, there is a relentless push to absorb high levels of information on a daily basis.

Combined with the increasing complexity of our work, we are also desperate to adapt to a continually changing work environment. We need to keep up, or we’ll be pushed out.

But it isn’t enough just to know we’re up to date by reading everything in our path, whether email, social, or online. As Douglas Rushkoff notes in Present Shock, “if we could only catch up with the wave of information, we feel, we would at last be in the now. This is a false goal.” We don’t spend enough time pausing to actually process the information and apply it.

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Alyssa Burkus

Alyssa Burkus

Alyssa Burkus is a thought leadership strategist, writer, and coach. She's the founder of Shift Wisdom, a writing agency based near Toronto, Canada where she specializes in helping business owners and corporate leaders build their authority and influence through writing.

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