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Alyssa Burkus

Before you write another random blog post or work with someone who doesn’t really understand what you do, let’s talk strategy.

Have you…

Worked with or contractors who wrote copy or content without understanding your unique value or positioning, or what’s needed to sell to corporate clients? 

Been frustrated because doesn’t sound like you, but you don’t know how to describe how you actually want it to sound? (More like HBR and not quite McKinsey or MIT Sloan? Less Sinek and more Criado Perez?)

Delivered outstanding programs to clients but don’t know how to talk about what you do?

Struggled to talk about your purpose, your values, or the deeper reasons for your business that thrill you because others have told you to “focus on the work”?

You might have other reasons. But before you write another caption or blog post, get a strategy for creating unique content that attracts followers, who turn into customers.

Strategy Power-Up (2-Hour Virtual Workshop)

We can discuss:

  • Review of your existing sales funnel to identify and solve gaps
  • Plan a content campaign for an upcoming new program launch
  • Rework your platform and profile to attract keynote speaking opportunities
  • Organize your ideas for a book into a sample table of contents and writing gameplan

Strategy Power Up deliverables include:

  • Prep (for both of us)
  • 2-hr planning workshop to land goals, review authority audit, topics, platform
  • Templates for starting an editorial calendar
  • Next steps gameplan

Strategy Power-Ups investment starts at $950

Content Strategy (Full Review)

We’ll work together over several weeks to do a complete review of all of your existing content—-including sales and marketing materials, proposals, program deliverables, and social media posts—and identify where opportunities exist to establish or augment your sales process.

Deliverables include:

  • Full content inventory review
  • Content platform audit & assessment
  • Background interviews with you & your team (and a couple of clients, if you’d like)
  • 3-hour content strategy workshop
  • Content strategy report, which includes:
    • Authority Audit analysis (including sales funnel strengths and gaps)
    • Content planning workshop (you + your team)
    • Topic themes and thought leadership key messages
    • Editorial calendar (next 3-4 months, all platforms)
    • Campaign and special projects planning template & considerations

In some cases, we can plan a series of meetings to rewrite messaging for your website or social platforms, create a new landing page for your keynotes, or plan content for a new offer launch as part of this work

Content Strategy ranges based on existing content to review; please reach out for a quote.

Where to start?

If you want to focus on a specific aspect of your authority-building content, like creating a book outline or brainstorming specific blog or caption topics, book a Power-Up. If you are rethinking your content across all of your channels and funnel stages, book a Content Strategy.

All of our strategy work happens with Alyssa Burkus, Founder of Shift Wisdom, who has more than two decades of experience as a change consultant, fractional executive, and program builder in the leadership, change, and “future of work” space.


Want more specifics?

We’ve done some great work with incredible clients. You can see some of their stories on our Portfolio page.


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